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About Cecilia

I am a Life & Clutter Coach and IST Practitioner. I LOVE helping writers, creatives and entrepreneurs just like YOU, make their homes and lives into supportive containers for their creative AND personal lives.  

Cecilia's sharp, crystalline insight has kept me on track in my creative life, my business life, and my emotional life for the past six years: she's a triple threat!

 - Sarah Selecky, author of Giller Prize nominated This Cake is for the Party


Forget New Year's Resolutions! What's your theme for 2014?

Happy New Year! 

You'll see in the video below what I think about New Year's Resolutions (there's a reason you're seeing this on January 8th) but suffice it to say, not much.

There's so much pressure to start the year off right and pile your plate with loads of unreasonable expectations.

I have a proposal for you. 

What if this is the year you put down the stick? 

What if this is the year that you connect with the part of yourself that's strong and wants to have a beautiful life and motivate yourself from there instead of trying to beat yourself toward your goals. 

I declared December a "should-free" month, but how about we declare 2014 to be a "should-free" year.

Resolutions are just shoulds and shoulds suck.  I'm sorry, but they do.  They're exhausting and make you feel like crap. 

That being said, the new year has this fresh sparkly blank sheet feel to it, but rather than fill it full of "shoulds", what if you got out your glitter glue, crayons and sticker collection and filled it with WANTS, LOVES, NEEDS AND DESIRES?

What if you nudged your new year in the direction you wanted to FEEL

I'm a big fan of themes and words for the new year and I'm also a big fan of Jian Gomeshi.  See how the two came together in my video below!  You'll also find out what my theme is for the year.

(If you're not sure what I'm doing with my hands there near the end, that's my hand sign for "Heart-Wings", that's the feeling I want the most in my life.) 

Your turn!!

What's your theme, word or flavour for 2014?

What are some of the "should sticks" you're going to put down?

Speaking and writing these for others to see is incredibly powerful and supportive so take advantage of this space and write yours in the comments below. 

If you have a friend who is always making the same "shouldy" resolutions every year, tell them to put down the stick and send this their way.  We'll both thank you. 

BIG Heart Wings Love, 



p.s. I've been getting lots of emails and calls from folks who want to work with me this year, yoohoo! My schedule is filling up quickly but there's still space for you if you want 2014 to be amazing.  This could be the year that everything changes, seriously...  Email me!

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BONUS VIDEOS! c!c!c! on Q with Jian Gomeshi!!!

Here's your sweet gentle vibes.

Here's one to shake your booty to (or jump up and down like me!)

(The power of themes in action, this came from my theme of CREATIVITY two years ago!)



Make space for the new year - Clearing clutter

I'm sitting here in my hot pink bathrobe singing 99 Luftballons by Nena. 

I've been in 80s and 90s nostalgia mode for a couple weeks now, drooling over Dawson from Dawson's Creek (oh those oversized clothes and floppy hair!), mourning the loss of My So Called Life and remembering all my old favorite bands (Offspring anyone?).

I've been getting a lot of calls and notes from people who have been clearing their clutter this past week so I thought you might be interested in doing some too. 

This is actually a great time to clear out the old to make way for the new... year!  (oh so corny!)

But it's true!

We're coming up to the Winter Solstice which is like the new moon of the year.  The time between the full moon and the new moon is always a great time to clear clutter and handy dandy we just had a full moon on Tuesday.  So that makes this time of year the ultimate time to clear out the dark and old to make room for the loved and LIGHT. 

Before you go to clear your clutter, take a moment to see what you want to make space for in the new year.  How do you want to feel?  What do you want to experience?  Do it from your heart, not your mind.

Use your desires to guide you in your clutter clearing efforts. If you're not sure if you should keep it or toss it, see if it supports you in what you want to create in the new year.

If you're single and want a partner, do those love letters and dried out roses support your quest for new love or hinder it?

If you're struggling in your career, are the remnants of careers and schooling past helping you find occupational bliss or holding you back?

If you're struggling financially, are all those lost puppies helping you feel rich or poor?  FYI, 'lost puppies' are those things we keep because they could be valuable if we fixed them up.  The chair that's only missing one leg, the couch that needs to be reupholstered etc...We rescued them because of their potential, but they're really just holding us back.

If you have things of actual value that you want to sell, what are you waiting for?  That's what kijiji is for and there's loads of people looking for Christmas presents right now!  (that reminds me, I have a bass guitar and an amp in the back of my closet that it's time to sell)

If 2013 left you feeling rung out and depleated, does that to do list the length of a shark make you feel motivated for the new year or exhausted?  Remember you can always cross things off before you do them.  Let go of that unfinished business now, it can be your Christmas gift to yourself.

If you have the time and the desire, go on and make some beautiful space for the new year. 

Don't do it because you should, I've declared December a "should-free" month, hence the hot pink bathrobe (with argyle socks, I might add), do it because you want MORE in 2014.

More ease, more peace, more love, more fun, more creativity, more heart and more connection. 

I'd love to hear from you!  How are you doing?  What are you making space for in 2014?  You can let me know in the comments below or if you're shy you can always send me a personal email, I read and respond to every one.

Sending you oodles of love, light and wayward holiday card sparkles.



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Do you want a real life super power?

Psst, can I tell you a secret? 

Would you believe me if I told you that I have a super power? 

Would you believe me if I told you that you can have one too? 

Last week I wrote a guest post for the brand new blog over at about a real life super power that any of us can have with a little practice. 

Have I found the secret to flight, invisibility or teleportation? 

I guess you'll just have to fly on over to find out for yourself. 

Click here to read, and please share it with your friend who has always dreamed of waking up with a super power. 


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Writer's Block and What's Underneath - Getting to Honest

When I write, I want to write from a place that’s honest and true, otherwise why bother. 

For an eternity, which in reality was probably 4-5 months, whenever I sat down to write, I was met, not by the fresh breeze of honesty, but with the smelly sticky tar that I like to call the “you’re stupid” beast.    

Trying to write with the “you’re stupid” beast hanging over my shoulder was impossible.  

Hyper critical, I hated every single word I wrote.  My writing felt stupid and derivative.  It was awful and painful so I would give up and walk away.  

A couple of weeks ago I had to write something.  I promised it to someone else.  I had a deadline. 

I had to write.

So I sat down at the computer, put on my headphones and started writing.  

The “you’re stupid” beast was there waiting to whisper it’s bad breath insults into my ear. 

Every.  Single.  Word.  Painful.

Every sentence a horrible cliche filled train wreck.  The beast was winning, so I tried another tactic.  

I started writing about the pain instead.  I wrote and I wrote and then cried and cried and then wrote and cried until my aha moment came.  

It wasn’t the writing that was painful, it was my heart that hurt.  So much grief, so much sadness, the sadness of life.

Writing out that grief, my grief, was liberating.  

When I looked up from the screen I realized the “you’re stupid” beast was gone leaving only a sticky black paw print on my shoulder and the faint odor of halitosis behind.

I was back in the honest place with the fresh salt water breeze washing over me, each wave settling my feet deeper and deeper into the sand.  I looked out onto the horizon, open, a little scared but mostly just relieved to be there.

The next day when I sat down again to write, I wasn’t sure what would be there to meet me. 

My bravery of the night before was rewarded with the hoots and hollers of seagulls, my honest space was there waiting for me.

I understand that the “you’re stupid” beast was trying to do me a favour.  He was trying to protect me from the real source of my pain.

I also understand that in order to really be in my honest space, I had to actually be honest.  Honest with myself and honest with my feelings. 

My wise friend Sarah says that as our writing demons will always be bigger than our ability.  So as you improve, your demons grow.  There’s no winning, but hopeful there are moments of grace and flow.  Moments of truth on the page.

She said that the only cure is to write for the love of writing.

You can’t write for the end result, you can’t write for the product.  You can only write for the love of it.  

It’s kind of true of everything isn’t it…  In terms of living a life that’s fulfilling.

Imagine if every day I meditated, I did it for an audience, for a grade.  All I can say is that, a lot of the time, those would be some pretty terrible grades.  What matters is that I sit there.  I show up and meditate, sometimes terribly, every single day.  That’s it.  

That’s success. 

My friend Samantha posted this Julia Cameron quote on her facebook page the other day:

"In the recovery of a blocked artist, anger is a sign of health." 

- Julia Cameron

I love this, because it’s true.  You don’t have to be an artist or a writer to know the feeling of being blocked or stuck.  

So, the question is, what’s underneath the procrastination?  What’s underneath the clutter?  There’s the discomfort of the block, but what’s underneath that?  Maybe there’s an emotion you don’t want to feel or a belief that you have about the situation.  Your job is to be the archeologist, looking to see what’s underneath.

Fear, anger, grief or maybe when you look closer it's not scary at all, it's just you.

You might have a sticky beast of your own waiting for you, so just go under it until you get to the fresh breeze of what you really want.  

Is it easy?  Not always.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely!

I’m writing this for you my dear friend, but also for myself, so that when I smell the beast coming I can gather the bravery needed to feel what I'm really feeling and move through to the other side.

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have a sticky beast that keeps you from what’s important and real?  How do you deal with it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Please share this with your friend who is having trouble writing, dating or taking the leap, they’ll thank you later.

Sending you so much love,

p.s. Are you feeling stuck?  Let's talk about it, just send me an email and we can set up a time to chat.

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The Time Container aka The Best Tool to Deal with your Poopy Procrastinating Perfectionist 

In case you're wondering why things have been a little wonky the past day or two, mercury went retrograde yesterday and will stay that way until November 10th. 


Mercury retrograde is an astrological event that happens about three times a year and although it's a pain in many ways (communication mix ups, travel delays, electronic or mechanical breakdowns and not a great time to make big purchases or finalize important decisions) it's a fantastic time to clear clutter and deal with unfinished business.  It's also a great time to plan and research.

We're all so busy, busy, busy, mercury retrograde is just telling us to slow down and reassess.  This is a time to be internal, to listen and transform.  I find it a great reminder to be patient, to stop grasping and pushing.

I'm laughing because I've had so many issues getting this latest post up I now know why all my astrologer friends send out information on mercury retrograde before mercury goes retrograde.  Smart, smart.  It's been a good reminder to be patient.  ;)

So, in honour of mercury retrograde I want to re-introduce to you the single most helpful tool that I've found to clear clutter and unfinished business.  The time container!  

Last week after dinner, I wanted to snuggle up on the couch to watch some Netflix instead of cleaning the kitchen, but I also knew that waking up to a messy kitchen would be a drag.  So when my sweetie suggested using a time container to clean up I jumped on the opportunity.

I set the timer for 15 minutes and when it went off, the kitchen was totally clean, dishes washed and dried, counters wiped down and there was even enough time left over to take the garbage out.

Wow!  I had forgotten about this simple and powerful tool.  The time container is so totally rad that even though I wrote about it in my very first blog post, I’m going to write about it again.  

I used it in the coming days to complete a number of tasks that had been plaguing me.  

The mouldering things in the fridge I had been meaning to get to for weeks (I know, gross), took me a total of 5 minutes to throw out.

The container  cupboard that had been driving me crazy for months, 15 minutes to toss, clean and organize.

The messy dry goods cupboard, where some very stale croutons had been skulking since June and oatmeal from the bulk food store was waiting patiently in a plastic bag for a mason jar, took all of 10 minutes to deal with.  

What amazes me about procrastination, is that the energy it takes to NOT do something is so much more than the time and energy it takes to actually do it.

Not doing things is totally exhausting.  

One issue with procrastination is that we lump too many tasks together and then get into an all or nothing perfectionist mind set.  

Procrastination and perfectionism are besties.

Looking at my kitchen from a perfectionist standpoint, I saw all of those little jobs and lumped them together along with all the other chores I had to do, until it became one big overwhelming mess.  

As we all know, when it comes to a choice between all or nothing, nothing is most likely to win.  

How do you combat nothing?  By doing something very small.  

You just have to accept that your perfectionist is never going to be happy.  Even if you managed to do it ALL, your perfectionist would come up with a whole list of other things that you hadn’t accomplished, or see the flaws in what you did do.  

“Who cares if you just cleaned every single inch of your house and got rid of all your clutter, you never did get that PhD in neuroscience, did you?  Oh, and you missed a spot...”

Let’s face it, perfectionism is a total poopy head.

Fortunately the Time Container is the best way to shush your poopy procrastinating perfectionist.

Instructions for the Time Container

Step One - Choose a task and be realistic

What does this mean?  It means, don’t let your poopy perfectionist choose the task.  Instead, choose something small, really small.  For example you’re not going to clean out your whole dresser in 5-15 minutes, but you could tackle the sock drawer.  Be specific!  Cleaning is not a specific task, vacuuming the living room is.

Step Two - Set a timer for 5 - 15 minutes

Your poopy perfectionist is trying to convince you at this very moment that there’s absolutely nothing you can complete in 5-15 minutes, but that’s a lie.  If you really focus your energy and attention there’s a lot you can get done in 5-15 minutes.  Try it!  Be clear and relentlessly come back to your task during the time container.  If you don't like the idea of a timer, use three songs on your favorite playlist.

Step Three - DO IT!!!!  

This is self explanatory.  Once the timer is set and running, tackle your task fervently.  Always coming back to it if you get distracted.  If you’re doing the dishes and get distracted, come back to the dishes, come back to the dishes, come back to the dishes.

Step Four - When the timer goes off…  STOP!

Why do you stop?  Once you start, your poopy perfectionist might take over and move into ALL mode.  Next thing you know it's 4am, you're crying over old love letters or cleaning the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush. You stop to honour your boundaries.  You stop so the next time you try a time container the part of you that's resistant knows that 15 minutes means 15 minutes, not four hours.  Now, if at the end of the time container you really want to continue, that’s OK, just be sure that you check in with yourself first and then set another time container.  You don’t want the experience to go from positive to punishing.

Step Five - CELEBRATE!!!!!!!    

I took a workshop once where we were asked to make a list of all the events in our lives that we hadn’t celebrated.  I was shocked to find some really big events on my list like graduating from high school and university.  As far as the poopy perfectionist is concerned nothing is important enough to celebrate.  

Why celebrate? You celebrate to practice acknowleding the little things so that it’s easier to acknowledge the big things.  The celebration could be as simple as putting on a song you really love, making a cup of tea or calling a friend.  Most of the time I just leave the room and then come back in for the big reveal or open the cupboard again and again to admire my work.

YAY!  The time container rocks.

To review:

  1. Choose a realistic task
  2. Set a timer for 5-15 minutes
  3. Do it!
  4. Stop
  5. CELEBRATE!!!!

There you have it, the tool that will change your freakin’ life!

It’s your turn!  Right now, take five minutes to do a little task that you’ve been putting off forever.  Seriously, right now, you can do it!  It doesn't have to be clutter, it can be anything.

See you in 5...

Yay!!!  You did it!  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.  Let me know what you did and how it was to use the time container.  I’d also love to hear if you have any tools that help you deal with your poopy perfectionist procrastinator.

Please share this with your friend who needs a little help cleaning her fridge.

Big love,

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