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Cecilia's sharp, crystalline insight has kept me on track in my creative life, my business life, and my emotional life for the past six years: she's a triple threat!

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The Trying Game

Sometimes when you're clearing clutter and can't decide whether or not you can/want/should/could throw something out, you just have to try. 

That's right TRY! 

This is what trying looks like. 

  1. Take the item you're unsure of. 
  2. Put it in the garbage/donation box. 
  3. See how you feel.
  4. Let the item stay a little longer.
  5. See how you feel.
  6. After a set amount of time (max 3 hours) check in to see what your final decision is.  Does it stay in the garbage or does it go back on the shelf?

We get so serious with clutter clearing, so all or nothing.  If we let it go it means EVERYTHING!  I'm here to let you know that it's OK to just give it a try.  Try on letting go.

When you let yourself try, you get to see how it really feels to let go.  Not how you think it's going to feel, but how it really feels, and you might be surprised.  Maybe you'll feel angry when you thought you would feel sad.  Maybe you'll feel sad when you thought you'd feel scared.  Maybe you'll feel nothing at all. 

Whatever it is, the feeling is key.  We hold onto clutter, to a large extent, because we're afraid of how we'll feel if we let it go.  This is a great little trick because although you're just "trying on" letting go of your clutter, you get to feel REAL feelings.  Once they're felt, the item isn't as charged as it was before and suddenly it's much easier to let go of. 

So... go give it a try!  Don't worry, you can always change your mind if you want to, although I predict you're not going to have to.  Either way, comment below. 

Take care,
Cecilia Moorcroft

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Reader Comments (2)

do you ever have clients get sick from processing so much, throwing up/headaches? i know you said you don't have to do it all at once, but when you've been a clutter keeper of emotional sentimental pieces of paper which has a doodle from your best friend 10 years ago, or cut out comic that represents the essence of your feeling artist, there's a lot to wade thru, like elementary school notes, and high school notes, and old tapes of people ending friendships on your answering machine and journals and tapes, etc, etc. And once you start actually going thru these things then realizing all the kept things that need to go and then a huge pile ends up at your front door....phew. This was supposed to be a question about how to keep grounded, like when you are going thru journals with all the old emotions and memories made fresh from things in the past, after already having processed them so long ago and then reading and bringing those feelings once again into the present. This can be very disorienting and strange for relationships. But i think what i've done is just take time, and take breaks coming back to it when i have the energy and space and clearing in chunks. anyway THANK YOU for the things that you write, it creates a great support in the weight and the intensity of the courage to confront and wade thru and let go of the past and selves that are already integrated.

April 26, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkerry

Hi Kerry,
Thank you for your comment/questions. Certainly if you have a lot of emotion tied up in your stuff, it makes sense that you might feel a little off it you get rid of a bunch of it all at once, especially if it's challenging to allow yourself to feel your emotions. It sounds like you have a great plan. Take breaks, take time and know that you don't have to do it all at once. Acknowledge the feelings, move forward. Good luck Kerry!
Take care,

May 2, 2012 | Registered CommenterCecilia Moorcroft

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