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Video Blog - Resistance

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Reader Comments (2)

thanks ceciclia,
this was really helpful, good timing,
this was my take on resistance after i took a dance class that brought up that feeeeling
"resistance is fertile"
this was from a blog i wrote in Feb.

"fertility of resistance - Kerry Segal

today was a day of deaths and resistance.

and yesterday. Kind of thinking about the fertility of resistance. When you get in a place that’s a habitual block. That’s familiar and normally all encompassing in it’s intesity, focus and perspective. So that you forget that it’s a place that your in, that you can shift out of. It becomes everything. For me in the movement workshop it was feeling insecure, disconnected from my body, afraid of being judged, wanting to be good. to be liked. by the teacher. brought up feelings of maybe childhood, parents approval, being good or bad. This was a very resistant space, afraid and shadowy. I tried to relax into this, be comfortable in it. to allow it to shift, and it did. to a really fertile place, exciting and deep and me…place.

-kind of about, when you accept parts of yourself that are difficult how beautiful it can make life

and how rich a place that is…

I think working with Jumblies is getting me comfortable in discomfort. Sensing my own discomfort, and still pushing forward, or being present, or unafraid to share. And sensing the participants discomfort and supporting them to shift. And maybe me being okay that they are uncomfortable and being confident enough to navigate that for myself."

August 19, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkerry

Its a very nice post.... thanks 4 this information....

September 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterVaastu forum

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